31 Jul

Intelligent Energy to roll out new fuel cell units

Hydrogen fuel cell

Intelligent Energy are to roll out new fuel cell units for cars trucks and buses. The new units will shortly be coming off the production line for real world use.

After years of development and innovation not to mention behind the scenes hard work. Leicestershire company Intelligent Energy are in the final testing stages for fuel cells that leave behind nothing but water.

Once testing completes manufacture will start to fulfil an order with Hogreen Air to supply under licence to South Korea and other Asian countries, these Zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell units will be used in powerplant applications.

The next step on the path is continuation of designing Intelligent Energy power units for cars, forklifts and drones. In August the first fuel cell car engine is expected to be instlled in an SUV for vehicle testing.

The production line was formally opened by Loughborough MP Jane Hunt, who was also told about the company’s plans to develop power units for aero engines, warehouse trucks and drones.

Company chief executive David Woolhouse said:

“It was great to be able to show Jane our latest high-power products which are now being dispatched to customers in Asia, US and Europe. We welcome Jane’s continuing support for Intelligent Energy and our future plans for further production.”

Through a rigorous process refining the technology has enabled the creation of two high-power IE-DRIVE units – one for use in a car and another suitable for heavy-duty applications including buses, trucks, trains and powerplants.

Hydrogen is a clean fuel and energy carrier that can be used to store, move, and deliver energy produced from other sources. You can read more about the methods used to obtain it here on this article from the Office of
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

For more information on how the LLEP supports local pledges to get to net zero you can read here about our green economy strategy.