The LLEP World of Work is a flexible and interactive multi-use programme that can be shared throughout your school or college: from Careers Leaders or Advisers to teachers and then on to the students. It is full of local information about the world of work in Leicester and Leicestershire. Partners who support young people post 16 seeking work or other opportunities will also find the resources useful.

Building on the work of the World of Work Leicestershire guide, the programme will provide wraparound resources and training to enhance and embed the knowledge within this guide to maximise its potential and help you work towards Gatsby Benchmarks two and four.

We have a ‘Five Ways to use the World of Work Guide’ activity resource: Ways to use the World of Work

Did you know? Increasing numbers of young people are starting their own business and it’s a great option! We have a Starting a Business snapshot summary, created with Leicester Startups.

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