We work with employers, training and education providers, local authorities and voluntary services to facilitate and develop a pipeline of talent for the skills needs of our diverse economy.

Until May 2023, our Skills Advisory Panel led the strategy and direction for skills development and employment support priorities locally. We are now working closely with the East Midlands Chamber to support the success of the area Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), and also with area local authorities, districts and boroughs to assist with area UKSPF programmes.

See our LLEP Skills Plan 2022-24, our area Apprenticeship Strategy and area skills reports here: Skills Strategy | LLEP

Skills Priorities

Through our ESF programmes, Careers Hub work and wider partnership programmes we have established strong skills support for local young people and adults to help them into education, training and employment, and to better meet the needs of area employers. Areas of focus include:

We lead on a number of working groups to facilitate planning and activity to support and enhance local skills support. The aim is to build a talent pipeline that addresses the needs of local business, and to unlock the skills, career and entrepreneurial potential of young people and adults:

  • Skills Advisory Panel: leading the strategy and direction for skills development and employment support priorities (now superseded by the area LSIP).
  • Education-Business Links: increasing education and business links activity and lead steer for CEC programme.
  • LLEP ESF Provider Forum: coordinate the delivery of local ESF activity across different projects and programmes.
  • Building the Workforce of the Future: to promote the business benefits of offering experience of the workplace.
  • Apprenticeships, Traineeships and T Levels: a provider forum to drive forward the delivery and take-up of Apprenticeships, Traineeships and T Levels in Leicester and Leicestershire.
  • A Digital Skills Partnership: a lead steering forum plus three sub-groups linked to supporting an inclusive workforce, a skilled workforce and the workforce of the future.
  • We have created a range of resources together with our working groups to support local skills and employment, see below:

Live careers information

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