European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) 

This section has information, advice and funding updates on our European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) 2014-20

in 2014 we were allocated an indicative €125.7 million (£104,951,499 at €1:£0.78) of ESIF funding to support activities in Leicester and Leicestershire.

In 2019 following a favourable ‘uplift’ to exchange rates (€1:£0.90) this was increased by a further £15,675,656 bringing our total indicative amount to £120,627,155.

Table 1: LLEP Indicative Allocations

Fund 2014 allocation (€1:£0.78) 2019 uplift (€1:£0.90*)
European Social Fund (ESF) £51,518,441 £59,444,320
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) £50,737,798 £58,123,615
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) £3,059,220* £3,059,220
Total £104,951,499 £120,627,155
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Our ESIF strategy

Using our ESIF allocation, we aimed to assist the successful delivery of our Strategic Economic Plan by:

  • Supporting local businesses to improve their resilience and competitiveness (ERDF)
  • Providing grants for rural businesses (EAFRD)
  • Helping those furthest from the labour market access it (ESF)
  • Increasing local employment skills and increasing training provision in the workplace (ESF).

All European funds required public/private ‘match’ funding of between 50% (ERDF/ESF) and 40% (EAFRD).

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There will no longer be any further local calls issued under the ESIF Programme. Instead any future funding opportunities will be launched nationally as part of the government’s overall post COVID-19 economic recovery plans.

Activities are still being delivered under ESF and ERDF and will continue up to the end of the programme period in 2023.

For further information on all of the projects and activities supported under our local ESF and ERDF programmes being delivered in Leicester and Leicestershire go to ESIF Activities in Leicester and Leicestershire


ESIF Booklet image

Filled with facts, figures and project case studies, the ESIF Programme e-booklet provides a unique look at our Programme’s achievements.

Whilst there will be no further funding calls, ERDF activities in Leicester and Leicestershire are still being delivered across a wide range of organisations until 2023.

This booklet takes a look at some of them, as well as providing a comprehensive overview of what we have delivered to date including supporting 5,744 businesses; helping them to access grants, to grow and become more sustainable in the long-term.

ESIF newsletter

We produce a monthly ESIF newsletter, which has the latest news on all three ESIF funding streams, success stories and advice and guidance for funding providers. 

See our archive of ESIF newsletters. 

Technical assistance

Our ESIF team is part-funded by both ERDF and ESF Technical Assistance. This enables us to provide the necessary support needed to develop funding calls based on the latest local economic intelligence and research, together with supporting those wishing to apply and deliver activities in our local area.

To find out more about ESIF technical assistance go to the Government website ESIF Technical Assistance


Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we are working remotely. You can still contact us via phone or e-mail and we have the facility to use both Skype and Microsoft Teams for meetings.

We understand that it is a very challenging time, as we all adapt to new ways of working while still offering a service.

We are contacting ESF and ERDF programme leads to get updates on how programmes and their clients can be supported during this period. Of particular interest is whether/how providers are engaging with employers and/or potential beneficiaries, plus any successes or challenges.

We advise all projects to regularly check the government’s website for ESIF partner updates to ensure that the information you are working to is the most up to date information. But we will, of course, continue in keeping you up to date, as and when information comes through to ourselves

For any employers or those working with employers, the Business Gateway Growth Hub funded in part with ERDF funding has produced a dedicated area on its website for official guidance and support for businesses and the impact of coronavirus. Please share this page with those in your network.

Contact our ESIF team