LLEP Open Call

By capturing projects on an ongoing basis, from across the city and county, we are able to quickly identify eligible projects for funding opportunities that are administered by the LLEP, as they become available.

The Open Call enables us to understand the upcoming development requirements across Leicester and Leicestershire. Submitting a project to the LLEP Open Call portal is not a direct application or a guarantee for funding. It is the first step for us to understand what your project is and how we may be able to support its delivery for the growth of the Leicester and Leicestershire economy.

In order for us to assist each project, project sponsors are asked to complete a short Expression of Interest form and a Logic Chain which will provide outline details of the project.

LLEP officers will carry out an assessment of strategic fit, identifying how the project contributes to delivering the priorities of our Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), and the relevance and suitability for existing, as well as potential future, funding streams.

Projects that have strategic fit and that are suitable for an identified funding stream will be invited to complete a full Business Case. Officers of the LLEP will be available throughout the process to provide guidance and support.

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Expression of Interest

The portal is accessible all year round and projects can be submitted at any time.

Submissions are reviewed regularly, with project sponsors contacted only when a suitable funding stream is identified. However, it is recognised that exceptional circumstances arise which require a quick response time. In these exceptional cases, where projects are working to the timetables of external funding regimes, please contact the LLEP to discuss the possibility of fast-tracking.

Requests for business funding support should be directed to the Business Gateway Growth Hub.

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Logic Chain Guidance Notes

If you are not familiar with how a Logic Chain works, download this guidance document to help you complete the template accurately.

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Logic Chain Template

Logic chains are widely used in programme planning as part of the appraisal process for new interventions.  We use the Logic chain mapping as a framework for enhancing the focus and robustness of evaluation activities.