Our Vision

Leicester and Leicestershire will become one of the most productive economies in England with healthy growth, people and businesses.

Our Purpose and Objectives

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership is a high performing LEP and our purpose is to lead and drive economic prosperity across Leicester and Leicestershire by:

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Developing Strategy

Developing an evidence-based Economic Growth Strategy that identifies strengths and challenges, future opportunities and the action needed to boost productivity, earning power and competitiveness.

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Allocation of funds

Identifying and developing investment opportunities; prioritising the award of local growth funding; and monitoring and evaluating the impacts of activities to improve productivity across the local economy.


Using our convening power, for example to co-ordinate responses to economic shocks; and bringing together partners from the private, public and third sectors.

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Collaborating with a wide-range of local partners to act as an informed and independent voice for their area