Energy Infrastructure Strategy

In partnership with Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council, we have commissioned an Energy Infrastructure Strategy and implementation plan for Leicester and Leicestershire.

Our Energy Infrastructure Strategy sets a high level of ambition for investment in the low carbon energy sector, which we have identified as one of the our priority sectors for economic growth.

The strategy identifies a set projects that can be pursued immediately and over the coming years. These projects are located across Leicester and Leicestershire, and involve tangible outcomes including homebuilding, business development, transport and energy infrastructure and power generation.

The strategy takes into account both national and local policy, and will feed into the development of our Local Industrial Strategy.

Read our Energy infrastructure Strategy

What else are we doing?

We are taking an holistic approach to low carbon investment, with the ultimate goal of a carbon-neutral economy in Leicester and Leicestershire by 2035.

Electric car at charging point

Low Carbon Leadership

  • The Low Carbon Advisory Panel is a private sector-led, public sector-supported body to direct and focus support for the low carbon sector.
  • Leicester and Leicestershire Low Carbon Leaders – We want to showcase individuals and their companies’ stories from set-up to establishment of successful low carbon businesses.
Concept prototype flying taxi

Low Carbon Sector and Market Development

  • SME resource efficiency – Providing support, practical advice and funding to improve the resource efficiency of local companies and public sector organisations.
  • Low carbon business support and networking – Supporting the development of local supply chains and improving the effectiveness of local companies to supply low-carbon products and services.
  • Low carbon linkages – Expanding the links between businesses and universities to increase the effectiveness of local companies’ research activities & enhance university business development.
  • Low carbon prototype demonstrator hub – Development of a central, integrated hub for the demonstration of low-carbon technologies
A field of solar panels

Renewable Energy

  • National Forest Enterprise – A co-ordinated package of activity to support sustainable economic growth and job creation, increase renewable energy generation and reduce carbon emissions in The National Forest.
  • Community Renewable Energy – Funding to speed up the initial time and cost consuming process for conducting feasibility studies and planning permission for community energy projects.