12 Apr

Free export support worth £1,800 for businesses through LLEP pilot with Santander

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  • Pilot scheme will see Leicester and Leicestershire firms benefit from Navigator programme
  • Offer means export support for businesses aiming for international growth
  • Export was identified as key challenge in latest LLEP business survey

The Business Gateway Growth Hub has joined forces with Santander to offer an exclusive package of
products to export businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Businesses will gain free access to Santander Navigator, a digital portal which supports
the needs of all exporting businesses – from startups through to seasoned exporters managing complex

Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) is the first LEP in the UK to have struck a deal with Santander Navigator.

Access will enable local companies to explore opportunities in new markets around the world, find potential export partners, streamline customs processes and overcome bureaucracy and regulatory challenges.

It also details steps needed to get products to international markets, offers insights and training for
employees new exporters, and sets out various shipping options and discounts.

Access to the portal typically costs £1,800 annually, but the Growth Hub pilot scheme allows businesses
to use it for free for 12 months from their sign-up date.

It means dedicated exporting support for local firms operating in sectors including food and drink,
manufacturing, retail, life sciences, and tech.

Sonia Baigent, LLEP Board Member and Chair of the LLEP Business Board, said:

Exporting is one of the key challenges facing local businesses, which is why we were keen to join forces with Santander and offer this opportunity.

It means local businesses will have access to events and training, support with logistics, a directory of providers, and a community of others in similar situations.

We hope that this will facilitate collaboration needed to help locally-based businesses boost their exporting offer and help them grow into international markets.

The LLEP’s partnership with Santander means all Leicestershire businesses can now apply for
Santander Navigator’s Explore and Prepare programmes at no cost.

The Santander Navigator platform allows businesses to:

  • Explore international markets that offer the best growth prospects
  • Learn new skills and discover global opportunities
  • Access the latest country and sector insights
  • Optimise logistics and shipping
  • Learn from others through a community of like-minded people and market experts
  • Access Santander’s network of solution providers

LLEP-referred businesses will also qualify for the third tier of Santander Navigator ‘Grow’ at a discounted rate. Companies do not need to be Santander customers to qualify for the offer.

The LLEP’s most recent Business Tracker survey showed that more than 50% of respondents involved in exporting were experiencing challenges.

And the Santander partnership comes soon after a similar deal was agreed with Microsoft to help SMEs do more with digital products to improve productivity within their businesses.

To access the free packages, click here and enter ‘LLEP’ when asked how you heard about Santander Navigator.

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