31 Jul

Develop your workplace employees and utilize timebank skills

Time Bank

Time4Leicestershire which recently has had Melton Borough Council join its increasing ranks. Is a great way to develop your workplace employees, show as a business your corporate social responsibility and, can be seen to have health benefits on participating individuals.

Over the summer you may consider looking to do an activity either to increase your own skills knowledge or to help others out if it can be fitted into your own busy lives. Whilst hardly a new concept skills sharing, involvement within your community and participating in group activities has a flexible attainable way to take part without going down a formal volunteering route.

As well as enhancing your businesses brand recognition. Time4Leicestershire is for everyone. Individuals over 18 can become members for free.

Time is offered up at a suitable time for you and every hour put in gets one back. This time back is banked and an individual can use the timebank facility to access another persons skill or assistance with something. Ready to use exchanges can offer great value and benefits both of a practical and social involvement and will help generate community knowledge whilst fostering local goodwill.

If you are looking for information about developing your workforce our skills page Information and Resources for Employers can be found here.

Time4Leicestershire examples include, you could help a small business for an hour with admin tasks and then you would have an hour to use perhaps for a singing lesson. The person giving you an hour of time may not be the same person that you originally helped. Thus an entire network of skills, abilities and community awareness continues to spread around your local area.

Some of the categories that come under the approved skills list are:

• Skills to improve learning
• Computer support
• Exercise and sport

The scheme straight away allows you access to the variety of skills available if you cannot offer your time immediately just do so when you are able to.

Your organisation can find more out about Time4Leicestershire here.