18 Nov

STEM skills learnt in a hands on opportunity

STEM skills learnt workplace encounter

The LLEP and the Careers Education Company have helped deliver a meaningful workplace encounter with a practical workplace experience opportunity for students at the Madani Schools.

Before the summer, CR Civil Engineering company, based in Loughborough, participated in a school take over day where students designed a school car park for electric vehicles. Carl Roberts, Enterprise Adviser for the Madani Schools in Leicester invited the winners of this day from the local school on site for a ‘Have a Go’ day in October.

The careers and STEM focused day was led by award winning apprentice at the company and LLEP Apprenticeship Ambassador, Jessica Gould. The winners from this day were then invited for a site visit and had the chance to use the diggers!

Carl Roberts, MD for CR Civil Engineering said:

“It was really enjoyable watching the children and staff on the machinery, hopefully a couple of future operators.”

This is a great example of a meaningful encounter of the workplace for young people which doesn’t always have to consist of a two-week placement. However offering students a hands-on opportunity like this can be both powerful and memorable for students. It allows students to see, first hand, what the world of work could look like for them. As well as demystifying a sector or workplace within our local area.

Imran Esat, Assistant Headteacher for the Madani Schools’ Federation said:

“Our students really enjoyed the day which gave them the unique opportunity to gain an insight into what CR Civils do and what Civil Engineering is. Some of our Year 10 and 11 students are now considering a potential career in Civil Engineering which is great. Many thanks to Jess for supporting us with the planning of this visit which is really appreciated. We look forward to continuing to work with you on future projects/initiatives to develop our students’ entrepreneurial skills.”

Zaaidah, student at the Madani Schools Federation said:

“Visiting CR Civil Engineering was a great opportunity and really inspired me. It introduced me to a whole other career I would never have even thought of going into. Getting to operate the machinery and learning about some of the work done was amazing and gave a different perspective of what I see on construction sites. I never thought I’d be someone who’d want to take this further but after the visit, I was inspired enough to have this as something I could do in the future”

If your business has the capacity to support and offer our young people encounters of your workplace. Please contact the team here, we’d love to hear from you.

You can read more about the work the Enterprise Advisor Network do on this link.