26 Apr

NHS Virtual Careers Morning – Chris Greenwood, De Lisle College

Kids in school assembly hall

This month students from De Lisle College in Loughborough attended a Virtual NHS Careers Morning, organised by the Education Programme Coordinator at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

Year 9 students with an interest in health and social care careers took part in the morning and heard live talks from a range of speakers, including biomedical scientists, physiotherapists, doctors and social care professionals.  They also heard from the local council about the care sector in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and from an NHS Training and Development Manager about future apprenticeships and roles within the NHS.

Students gained an insight into the range of careers, including what a typical day involves for the various roles, career pathways and training routes and other advice about the sector and roles within it.

100% of students who attended were glad to have taken part and would recommend the event to others in their year group.  When asked what they had learned or found most interesting, one student stated:

“I learnt the pathways into many jobs however I also learnt that different roles exist… the NHS is not just about doctors/nurses… there are more jobs in the NHS than you would think.”

This was a very inspiring morning for students, and very useful in supporting Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 5 and 7.  

For further information and to book this for your students, please click here.