18 Nov

LLEP work features in labour market research

Young People in an office meeting

The University of Warwick are well known for leading on employment, skills and labour market research. They have recently published research on Labour Market Information Systems for Careers Guidance in England. The LLEP's work is included as a case study in the report.

The labour market information system in England is well-developed with a range of organisations at national, regional and local level that supply, interpret or disseminate data and information on the economy and labour market.  This is to help people identify where the growing sectors and job opportunities are.

New research by Dr Sally-Anne Barnes and Professor Jenny Bimrose from the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick investigated the range of sources for labour market information (LMI) and intelligence in England.

The aim of the research, supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, was to broaden knowledge of from where, and how, LMI and intelligence is produced, supplied and disseminated in the careers landscape.

The LLEP is showcased as an exemplar for how we collect and disseminate labour market data to schools, colleges and other organisations that support local people into employment.

Our World of Work guides for young people and adults and our District labour market snapshots all provide an easy to read comprehensive overview of the key sectors and job opportunities across Leicester and Leicestershire.  They are recognised as strong examples when it comes to sharing labour market data with those that can benefit most from the information.

The research concluded that there is a complex and confusing system of labour market information. Overall, the labour market information system for careers guidance support in England has the potential to improve significantly if resources can be harnessed more effectively.

The research will help to inform our LLEP labour market information resources planning in the future.

You can read the LLEP case Study on page 20-24 of the report.



Download the Labour Market Information Research Report