1 Jul

LLEP mapping delivery to 2024 as first of two plans is submitted to Government


The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) has begun setting out to Government how it will deliver strategic growth in its region through to March 2024.

The LLEP has submitted the first of two Delivery Plans requested by Government in a letter to all 38 LEPs in March 2022.

Government required, by the end of June, a plan covering the remainder of the 2022-23 financial year. It also asked that LEPs subsequently publish a second delivery plan, in November, covering 2023-24.

The first Delivery Plan summarises how the LLEP continues to operate as a business voice with partners across all tiers of local government, education and non-profit sectors.

It comes after Leicestershire was one of nine local authority areas identified for devolution discussions in the Levelling Up White Paper of February 2022.

The first Delivery Plan introduces the LLEP’s overarching Economic Growth Strategy 2021-30, summarising how its Four Pillars – innovation, productivity, inclusivity and sustainability – map against the emerging Levelling Up and County Deal agendas.

It also makes clear how its ongoing projects, functions and opportunities align with the 12 Missions of Levelling Up and other Government agendas.

The LLEP is also discussing with partners how it can support delivery through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Andy Reed OBE, Interim Chair of the LLEP Board, said:

Government asked that all LEPs publish a delivery plan to set out how they intend to use the full range of their core functions to support their local economies and local decision-making through to March.

Government has offered to work with LEPs on developing measures to report against in future Delivery Plans and we will discuss and agree delivery metrics and submit our draft plans for 2023/24 in November.

Until then, we will continue doing all we can to create economic prosperity in Leicester and Leicestershire.

As well as appointing a new Chair and several new directors in coming months, we have an AGM to prepare for and many events and projects to manage.

In the background, we will continue working closely with our local democratic structures as an impartial contributor to the ongoing devolution agenda.

As emphasised in the Government letter, there is real importance in LEPs having a strong, independent and diverse local business voice to feed into its local public sector partners.

In doing so, we will utilise our LLEP Board and its wide range of expert voices. These range from local SMEs to large national corporations, alongside leaders from our universities, education, local authorities and the voluntary sector.

Read the LLEP Delivery Plan 2022-23