21 Aug

LLEP looking to recruit a new member to its Board of Directors

business women meeting

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership Limited (LLEP) is looking to recruit a new member to its Board of Directors.

It is  keen to receive applications from business leaders making important contributions to the economy of Leicester and Leicestershire.

Private sector business leaders are invited to apply to join the LLEP Board, become part of the conversation on moving the city and county forward and help drive funding to develop the region.

The LLEP is responsible for the economic future of Leicester and Leicestershire. Since its establishment in 2011, it has invested tens of millions into the local economy through projects and programmes designed to stimulate growth and prosperity.

The LLEP Board of Directors make collective decisions to deliver the organisation’s objectives which primarily are to drive positive outcomes for the local economy.

Directors come from a variety of backgrounds in the public and private sectors, and act as representatives for their industry or area of expertise. It is hoped that this new appointment will bring further passion and drive to make a real difference to the region, add to the combined strength and knowledge present on Board and diversify the thinking that contributes to the LLEP’s strategy.

Businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire are run by a wide array of people from diverse backgrounds. The LLEP is looking to ensure that its top decision-making body is representative of the communities it serves and hopes the recruitment exercise will see some outstanding applicants.