19 Feb

LLEP launches ESIF e-booklet

ESIF Booklet image

Filled with facts, figures and project case studies, the ESIF Programme e-booklet provides a unique look at our Programme’s achievements.

Whilst there will be no further funding calls, ERDF activities in Leicester and Leicestershire are still being delivered across a wide range of organisations until 2023.

This booklet takes a look at some of them, as well as providing a comprehensive overview of what we have delivered to date including supporting 5,744 businesses; helping them to access grants, to grow and become more sustainable in the long-term.

In addition, we have secured an additional £12.5m of public / private investment into our local area, assisted over 12,600 local residents into employment, helping them improve their skills, re-train or help them improve their chances of work in the future.

For each ESIF Priority Axis we have included a case study – highlighting the wide breadth of activities being delivered across Leicester and Leicestershire from our Community Grants Programme (ESF IP-1), supporting the space sector (ERDF PA-1), helping businesses become more “green” (ERDF PA-4) or by providing skills for the workforce (ESF IP-2).

Together, with our very successful ERDF Grants Leaflet, we have everything you will need on our website to know everything there is about how our ESIF Programme could help you

To find out more go to contact our ESIF Team at admin@llep.org.uk

Download the booklet