7 Apr

LLEP Inspiring Apprenticeships Event held by popular request

Inspiring Apprenticeships: A group of people in a classroom raising hands and asking questions

LLEP Inspiring Apprenticeships event held to promote apprenticeships to all ages.

The LLEP held a partner event for advisers who help adults and young people into careers and opportunities on April 5th 2022, called Inspiring Apprenticeships: promoting apprenticeships as a great option to any age group.

A great way to grow a skills pipeline is to utilise apprenticeships, but one misconception surrounding apprenticeships is that they are only available to school leavers. Anyone aged 16 and over can be enrolled on an apprenticeship, including school leavers, career changers, career returners and people looking to develop their skills as part of their current job.

The Inspiring Apprenticeships event was organised following feedback that advisers who support adults and young people might value a refresher session on the LLEP area apprenticeships offer.

Anna Cyhan, LLEP Economic Growth and Investment Officer who coordinated the event said:

“We know for individuals that improving skills and progression creates opportunities to increase income, have more fulfilling work and improve wellbeing, and equally if employers have strong skills utilisation this leads to more engaged, productive staff and greater business success. Apprenticeships offer a great option to meet these priorities and the range and levels of offers continues to grow.”

The LLEP coordinated the event with the Leicester Employment Hub, Futures, DWP, Twin Training and the East Midlands Apprentice Ambassador Network. Fifty people from a range of support agencies attended the webinar and heard information, advice and data on:

  • Why the LLEP supports apprenticeships
  • An overview on the benefits of apprenticeships
  • Data on the local landscape
  • Barriers and myth busting
  • In Work Support
  • How to sell apprenticeships; key messages to young people and adults
  • Three apprenticeship case studies

Three people who have undertaken an apprenticeship at various stages concluded the event, sharing their experience and insights, including two East Midlands Apprentice Ambassadors. There was also an opportunity to ask questions to all speakers.

Feedback from attendees was very positive and there may be scope to hold further events to further embed key messages, and to support the goals of the LLEP area Apprenticeships Strategy: https://llep.org.uk/news/new-apprenticeship-strategy-unveiled/

The LLEP, Leicester Employment Hub, Futures, DWP, Twin Training and the East Midlands Apprentice Ambassador Network supported this event to support area goals of embedding awareness on apprenticeships for all ages.

Are you passionate about apprenticeships? Do you employ apprentices or are you an apprentice? Why not champion apprenticeships to other local people by becoming an Apprentice Ambassador? Find out more: https://bit.ly/LLEPApprenticeAmbassadors