16 Jun

LLEP holds session on Local Skills Report’s support for careers education

Lough Coll Skills female Mechanics (social)

On 11 June, we held an online event for Careers Leaders, career advisers and teachers to discuss the LLEP Local Skills Report and how it can support a careers education curriculum in schools and colleges.

Attendees heard how key local economic recovery and skills plans are being used in Leicester and Leicestershire to shine a light on future skills needs of industry.

Our Careers Hub team shared how this can translate into the classroom and into impactful careers conversations.

By the end of the session, attendees were more aware of local skills reports and their importance for young people’s future careers choices.

They had a chance to consider how economic recovery plans could support careers education in thier school or college.

They gained an understanding of how to source local information about the world of work and emerging or growth areas of industry.

And they had a chance to Identify opportunities to introduce local labour market information into the curriculum or in careers conversations.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can watch a video of the session here: