26 May

LLEP addresses future digital skills needs

Digital Skills

LLEP brings together delivery partners in collaborative partnership to address future digital skills needs. 

A key priority for the LLEP is to drive the skills agenda for Leicester and Leicestershire.  To this end we hosted a partner event on 26th May, bringing together 40 organisations to introduce the concept of a Digital Skills Partnership which will bring together partners who are already engaged in the digital skills agenda.

The aim is to bring together training providers, businesses, public sector and voluntary sectors to pool knowledge and data on needs. It is essential to develop a clear picture of digital skills delivery across Leicester and Leicestershire and identify where there are gaps in provision.  This will enable a clear focus on addressing those gaps to meet skills needs for both individuals and businesses.

The need for digital skills has never been more acute, to ensure that our citizens can access and use digital services to participate in society, to ensure that people have the digital skills needed across every business, and that we develop the higher level digital skills needed to underpin the advanced technology roles of the future workforce.

Bringing partners together to gain commitment to improve digital skills is the first step in the journey, where we can tap into the wide range of delivery expertise that already exists.

The event included findings of two key pieces of research. Firstly, Digital Skills Needs and Barriers for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises followed by a summary of findings from the recent LLEP Call for Evidence on digital poverty.

Fiona Baker, Head of Strategy at the LLEP, said;

“ Digital skills at all levels are absolutely core to the future well being and prosperity of our region.  The partnership will be critical to achieving a prosperous economy and digitally enabled population.”

There was significant support for the proposed partnership from all participants at the event and there will be a further event to engage businesses on 6th July.