16 Oct

Workforce would benefit from green skills training, new report advises

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Upskilling and training will be required to get Leicester and Leicestershire’s workforce up to speed with green skills, a new report advises.

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) released the Green Skills Report in partnership with Leicestershire County Council. 

It summarises green skills in the region, aiming to demystify the subject and demonstrate that many transferable skills already exist.

The report acknowledges work being done by the LLEP, local authorities, and districts.

It also highlights work to be done across area business, education, and skills providers to drive forward hydrogen and EV vehicles, as well as other activity.  

Suggesting that green skills will also drive innovation in sustainable technologies and practices, the report sets out how Leicester and Leicestershire businesses that invest in green skills could become more competitive and lead in the development of green technologies.

Phoebe Dawson, LLEP CEO, said:

“Sustainability is a pillar of the region’s Economic Growth Strategy and understanding green skills across Leicester and Leicestershire is an important part in leading change. 

“Training and upskilling the local workforce places us in a stronger position to seize economic opportunities, foster innovation, and is another step towards a more sustainable future.’’

Following the report’s release, the LLEP will continue its work with wider partners, in line with its Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP).

LSIP partners include local authorities, districts, skills providers, and employers.

The report will also influence the LLEP Careers Hub’s work with schools and colleges on green skills.

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