6 Sep

Grant opportunity to deliver digital poverty support

Digital Keyboards

TENDER OPPORTUNITY: We are seeking bids for projects to address the issues raised by our Digital Poverty Call for Evidence analysis. We will consider projects that come forward with funding requirements between £5,000 and £100,000.


Following the impact of Covid-19 on the Leicester and Leicestershire economy the LLEP Board of Directors agreed to repurpose £1.6m of the Growing Places Fund to support the local economy.

£300,000 of this fund has been allocated to addressing Digital Poverty across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Lockdowns over the last 18 months highlighted the digital divide and the high number of individuals with an inability to access or utilise digital technologies effectively.

Following our digital poverty call for evidence, we identified several areas that could help address digital exclusion. The suggestions below could form the basis for project ideas.

  • Ability to access the internet for free
    • Via public buildings e.g. libraries, clubs and other public buildings
    • For school aged children
    • Provision of data for those who need it to access services
  • Skills and training
    • Basic training available on how to access services and socialise online
    • Community courses and bespoke 1-2-1 help where required
    • Targeted towards job seekers, parents of school aged children, job seekers
    • Support, rather than training, to help with basic digital tasks
  • Access to equipment
  • Equipment loan schemes for students and job seekers
  • Laptops and equipment provided at no cost or low cost
  • Better use of ‘old’ equipment via refurbishment and recycling

The Opportunity

We are inviting relevant organisations to bid for grant funding to provide the following services:

  • Essential ICT training for 200 people
  • Support at least 5 community hubs
  • Provide a number of internet ready devices

Bids may cover more than one target area. The final selection of projects will ensure coverage of city and county as much as is practicable.

Last day for clarification queries 01/10/2021
Deadline for submission of bids 15/10/2021

For full details please review the tender documents and our Digital Poverty Call for Evidence below.

Please direct any further queries to admin@llep.org.uk


Read our Digital Poverty Call for Evidence Analysis