21 Jul

Experts provide top tips to launch creative careers

Digital marketing and design

Sonal Morjaria  of the LLEP’s Careers Hub, Employer Engagement Enterprise Coordinator has conducted interviews with successful local creatives, forming part of a skills blog featuring in Voice Mag that went to press on July 15th.

Employer Engagement Enterprise Coordinator, Sonal Morjaria, has conducted interviews with successful creatives, hoping to promote Youth Skills Day and the take up of jobs in the cultural and creative sector. Sonal’s experience has sharpened her awareness that today there are multiple career pathways and options rather than a traditional College/University approach.

The sector is currently experiencing a skills shortage perhaps surprisingly, in digital skills like coding. Having the right information and being aware of how and where technology is changing can help to keep your skills relevant and ahead of the curve.

With the sector employing around 18 thousand people locally, changes in how we communicate combined with the impact of Covid has made a mark on the industry. The soft skills required to succeed in the creative sector, such as being innovative and able to collaborate, are highly valued and transferrable. With the world of work changing so quickly, having skills that can be applied across different job roles or professions is an attractive quality.

The job landscape is shifting with many jobs around today that would not have been recognised as a viable career a decade ago. This trend is expected to continue across all sectors in the coming years.

Sonal Morjaria interviewed Dr. Nick Owen, CEO of the Mighty Creatives, and Yasin El Ashrafi, Managing Director, HQ Recording Studio about the skills required to get ahead in the Creative and Cultural industry.

When thinking about future skills and jobs that might be available in this industry, Yasin said he predicts an increased need for technical and digital skills:

“I expect there to be a lot of virtual and mixed realities. This will require an understanding of binaural audio, web programming, and strong virtual networking skills and web presence.”

On advice for preparing for the future Nick said:

“Young people can be prepared for the cultural, social and economic shifts that will be heading their way in the years to come by keeping your eyes, ears and mind open and being prepared to never stop learning.  That way, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next and be able to adapt quickly to any challenges.”

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The LLEP wishes to thank Emrys Green of Cloud Artisans, for sharing this opportunity to feature in Voice Mag. As well as thanks from our additional contributors Yasin and Nick.

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