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LLEP Weekly News Roundup

Our Weekly News Roundup is sent out every Friday, and contains the latest from the LLEP and our partners, as well as local, national and sector-specific business news. The roundup is easy to scan for the things that interest you most, and each headline links to a more in-depth article that can be read at your leisure. Subscribe now and never miss an issue.

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ESIF Newsletter

Our ESIF newsletter is published monthly, and has the latest information on the ESF, ERDF and EAFRD funding streams.

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Schools and Colleges Newsletter

Our Schools and Colleges Newsletter is published monthly, and has all the latest info on skills, education and free resources for teachers.

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Digital Skills Partnership Newsletter

Our Digital Skills Partnership includes over 40 local partners giving us representatives from education, business, the voluntary sector and universities, including some real experts in the field.

The partnership will lead our local response to support digital skills development across Leicester and Leicestershire.

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