13 Aug

DWP Restart Scheme Creates 800 jobs across 60 sites in East Central England

Woman in a workshop

Employment start-up Jobs 22 and local partners engage 800 employment coaches to run £200 million Restart Scheme over four years to support over 111,000 jobseekers across Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, North Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire

Jobs 22 has announced its Restart Scheme in East Central England, part of the government’s Plan for Jobs following the global pandemic.  Jobs 22 won the contract to run the Restart Scheme with local employability partners (listed below) from over 60 locations across the region.  Together they will deliver comprehensive and consistent support to long term unemployed people via 800 employment coaches hired from around the region.  By offering support services locally, Jobs 22’s Restart Scheme will bring millions of pounds into the seven counties that make up East Central England’s Restart Scheme area.

“We are proud to be joining the DWP’s efforts to get the country back to work,” said Jobs 22 Managing Director, Aaron Henricksen.  “We’ve created a journey for Restart Scheme participants that is centred in their local communities.  We prioritise working with small to medium businesses based locally, so all our partners and support providers are familiar to participants.  Our regional infrastructure for the Restart Scheme means we can offer services that fuel local economies and support local residents back into work.”

Twin Group, an award-winning provider of people-centred employability, education and skills services, is delivering Restart projects in Leicestershire. Deep Khanna is Twin’s Director of operations. She said:

“Twin has been delivering services in Leicester since 2019 and can cll on a strong understanding of the local labour market, links with recruiting employers, and a network of specialist partners to give jobseekers affected by the pandemic every help and support needed to get back to work. We will be centred at the heart of the community to quickly and effectively deliver Restart services to Leicester residents.”

Workpays, an organisation thathelps people access skills and training to gain employment, is also delivering services in Leicestershire. CEO Helen Ricahrdson said:

“We believe that everyone has untapped potential, which is why our company motto is ‘small change, big difference.’ Through the Restart Scheme we are excited about assisting thousands of people to develop their employability skills, preparing each participanyt for their progression into lasting employment, and celebrating their successes.”

Business 2 Business, part of Jobs 22’s Restart Scheme delivery partnership in the Central East region, has significantly expanded its employment support division in readiness for Restart Scheme delivery. As well as recruiting numerous employment coaches and arranging training for them through the Institute of Employability Professionals, Business 2 Business has expanded its team of employer engagement staff to further amplify its already strong interface with local employers.

Veejay Patel, Managing Director of Business 2 Business said:

“We are delighted to be involved in delivering Restart Scheme support for individuals seeking work in the aftermath of the pandemic. Through the Scheme, we will help people to find sustained employment and give them advice and support to progress further, ensuring greater prosperity and well-being for individuals and our community. Business 2 Business has successfully supported many people to find work in changed circumstances following previous economic downturns and we welcome this opportunity to make a vital contribution again.”

The Restart Scheme will provide employability support to over 1 million unemployed people in England and Wales.  Restart Scheme will complement the vital work of Jobcentre Plus with extra expertise, investment, innovation and additional capacity for tailored support.

The Scheme will provide up to one year of tailored support for each participant. For some this might be bespoke training to take advantage of opportunities in a growth sector or to succeed in a major recruitment exercise, for others it might be support to get the right certificates to take up a job in a different industry such as construction or transport or to update skills such as IT.

How it works:  There is an Employment Coach for every Restart Scheme participant in the region.  Through regular contact they develop a strong understanding of each individuals’ employment history, skills, aspirations and support needs to develop the right package of support to help each participant succeed. Participants receive up to a year’s support from Jobs 22 and its delivery partners.

Key stats:

  • 60 locations offering Restart Scheme services across East Central region
  • 800 employment coaches plus support teams to support long term unemployed in the area
  • 111,000 participants expected to benefit from Restart Scheme support