16 Jun

Charnwood launches specialist sports advisory arm for athletes

Charnwood Accountants & Business Advisors LLP has recently launched a new specialist advisory arm, Loughborough Finance for Sport, to support athletes and sports-related businesses with their accounting needs.

The new trading arm is a natural progression for the leading independent accountancy firm. Over the years, Charnwood has acquired several clients across the sports sector, which has led to an in-depth understanding and a specialist technical expertise in this area.

The team has utilised this knowledge and experience to produce a tailored service plan to fit the needs of sports professionals, complimented by a sports-specific advisory team headed up by an elite athlete.

Sports professionals and businesses working within this sector have different priorities to other industries. This includes having to comply with strict regulations and the constraints of competitive sporting schedules.

Under these circumstances, effective financial management can become challenging. Loughborough Finance for Sport was set up to ensure sports people can focus on their training and competition by offering specialist financial, tax and business advice. The firm supports a range of sports professionals and businesses, including many high-profile athletes.

Loughborough Finance for Sport’s clients include Olympians Martyn Rooney, sprinter and pole vaulter Kate Rooney, who said: “They understand the demands of working in sport and the financial benefits and constraints that we might find ourselves in. We would recommend to any athletes wanting to keep on top of their finances.”

Paralympic track and field athlete, Stef Reid added: “They understand the nuances of the sport world, ensure we are thinking both short and long term, and make the process as stress free as possible.”

Loughborough Finance for Sport has recently launched their new website, www.lborosport.finance where you can find more information on their specialist financial and tax planning services. Their process begins with a discovery meeting, followed by the identification of a suitable business model.

Once the client’s planning and financial set up is in place, they are offered a range of complementary services, including growth strategies, research & development, and advice on patents and investment readiness.

For more information on Loughborough Finance for Sport, please call 01509 277747, email contact@lborosport.finance or visit www.lborosport.finance.

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