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Join us and hosts Nottingham City Council, Derby City Council and Leicester City Council as we share the net zero message to the business community.

The #ZeroCarbonTour is headed to Nottingham as we make our way through the UK to COP26 in Glasgow in November, sharing the net zero message with the business community. We’re accelerating the UN-backed Race to Zero as part of the UK’s #TogetherForOurPlanet campaign.

Join the event as we discuss the concept of net zero carbon and why it is critical for businesses in this #DecadeOfAction. Hear Carbon Stories from like-minded local people, organisations and community groups and the impactful projects they are undertaking to reduce their carbon emissions.

Shaping a brighter future is not something any one organisation can achieve alone. It requires collaborative and decisive action that will create a future of unprecedented business opportunities – finding new growth and talent, lowering costs and building greater resilience.

On the day, you’ll see the UK’s first 100% electric coach, affectionately named the ‘Carbon Battle Bus’, find out more about the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign and hear Carbon Stories and discussions with local people, organisations and community groups.

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While travelling on this tour the Planet Mark team are following a strict testing regime and following all Government Covid-19 guidelines.

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