We have allocated approximately £110,825,865 (92%) of our indicative allocation of ESIF funding.

All uncommitted funds have now been returned to the ESIF Managing Authorities and have been subsumed into the ESIF National Reserve Funds. As a result there will be no further local funding calls.

It is anticipated that a number of national calls or funding opportunities will be made available in the near future. As and when these are issued they will be listed on our funding calls page.

Allocated Funds in Leicester and Leicestershire

Fund Number of Projects Supported Indicative Allocation Funds Allocated % Achieved
ESF 22 £59,444,320 £49,014,727 82%
ERDF 42 £58,123,615 £58,832,683 101%
EAFRD Not Available £3,059,220 £3,059,220 100%
Total 64 £120,627,155 £110,906,630 92%

Please note that not all the information pertaining to the projects has been included as they are either not yet in contract or are subject to contractual restrictions. The lists will be updated should there be any further changes to the information going forward.

In addition, we are unable to provide information on the number of grants provided through EAFRD as this information has not yet been made available to the LLEP by Defra / RPA due to GDPR.

Download the full data set: ESIF Projects List – September 2020