Passionate about apprenticeships? Join the local Apprenticeship Employer Ambassador Network

We are looking for employers from Leicester and Leicestershire who employ apprentices to join the East Midlands Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (EMAAN) as Apprenticeships Employer Ambassadors.

Why get involved?

Imagine your younger self still at school or college.  Wouldn’t it be great to hear from someone who was doing an apprenticeship?  What’s it like? How did they apply? Any tips?

This is your chance to…

  • Inspire young people to consider an apprenticeship career path.
  • Get access to the best young talent for your business.EMAAN_logo
  • Expand your own networking and peer-to-peer support opportunities.
  • Raise awareness of your company and sector.
  • Give back to schools in your local community!
Join the Employer Ambassador Network

Apprenticeship Employer Ambassadors are proactive, visibly supporting and championing apprenticeships.

If you have Apprentices in your business they can also become an Apprenticeship Ambassador.  Find all the information here for Apprentice Ambassadors.

Becoming an Employer Ambassador means supporting the development of Apprentice Ambassadors in your business. Apprentice Ambassadors are fully trained and supported to cover a range of activities, including:

  • getting involved in careers events, live or virtual talks at schools or colleges, careers fairs, class talks, mock interviews getting the message out about apprenticeships though social media
  • participating in campaigns like National Apprenticeship Week
  • raising awareness of apprenticeship opportunities within their specific business
  • promoting apprenticeship messages to other employers
  • being part of a pro-active employer ambassador network.

What is in it for my business?

The EMAAN has lots of benefits to you, your staff, and your Apprentices. These are just a few:

  • showcase your company and why apprentices are a great part of the workforce
  • develop the skills and confidence of your apprentices through free training and development opportunities
  • develop a future talent pipeline
  • champion apprenticeships to other employers

Please email if you have any questions. This is part of the LLEP’s Careers Hub and Apprenticeship Strategy ambition to have a diverse Apprenticeship Ambassador Network engaged and inspiring the future workforce.

Join now

That really is up to you. You can offer as much time as you want to a school or college. Similarly if you employ an apprentice and would like them to be an Apprentice Ambassador too. There are monthly employer ambassador meetings too, where you can network with other employer ambassadors.

There is no cost to join the Ambassador network.